Peugeot 407

While traveling for Business in Malaga, Spain, I got Peugeot 407, with a very big sunroof.
i enjoyed it very much. Just too bad it was raining non-stop.

407 - 1

Home made Natto

Natto is not available in Israel.
We could find one guy who prepares them at home on demand, and charges a hefty price.

So, Mika decided she can ferment Natto by herself, which she did.
Photo: Delicious Organic home made Natto.


The return of the Paella

Finally, we could find decent Sea-Food to cook the Friday Paella.


Writing this post from Malaga, Andalusia.  Hoping to eat as many paellas as possible this week.

Twiggy Twiggy

Pizzicato Five released “This Year’s Girl” album in 1991. I remember listening to the “Twiggy Twiggy” single and loving it.
Matador records distributed their albums in the US, and also included “Twiggy” in “What’s up Matador CD”.

Last night, just before going to sleep I have listened to the CD, and realized… I understand what she sings. Very silly revelation, but I really enjoyed it.
and live:

Kobukuro – Tsubomi

Kobukuro are a very successful male duo in Japan.
This song is a bit kitschy, but quite good.

Tsubumi means – flower bud.

Electric Guitar

Planning to buy an electric guitar, and have decided not to spend too much on my first electric guitar.
Therefore, Fender, Gibson, PRS and the like are out.

May buy a fixed bridge Ibanez or a Yamaha.

Apple and WiMAX

There are rumors that Apple may include WiMAX in a 13″ computer notebook-> Link
The title of the article is “Can Apple Save WiMAX?”. WiMAX does not need Apple to “save” it, although it will generate even more hype around the technology.