These news are already old, but I was just too busy posting this entry.

KDDI has formed an alliance to bid for the lucrative 2.5GHz Mobile WiMAX license.
Named “Wireless Broadband Planning K.K” (WBPK), the company will receive an investment of 850 million YEN (~7 million dollars). I assume this is the only initial investment as it is obviously a small sum that is not even getting close to actual deployment (See sprint investment).

The group is comprised of KDDI, Intel, JR East, Kyocera, Daiwa, and Tokyo-Mitsubishi bank.

If you remember, the Japanese Ministry of communications (MIC) wanted to increase competition in the Japanese wireless industry. Therefore they do not allow the “big players” to own more than 33% of the companies that enter the 2.5GHz bid.
This link has the press conference slides. I may translate them at a later date.
If I have to bet, I guess DoCoMO (with ACCA) and KDDI (with this new consortium) will win the bid

disclaimer: This is a personal blog. The opinions expressed here represent my own and not those of my employer. (I am working for a WiMAX equipment vendor).

Ear cleaning

An ear cleaning shop .Forgot where I took this photo, I think in Yokohama.
The sign says:
Quick course – 10 minutes, 1000 YEN
Relax Course – 20 minutes, 2000 YEN
Ear Clean course – 30 minutes, 3000 YEN



Airspan just posted in their website a brochure and graphics of a WiMAX USB device, the MiMAX USB:

Can’t write too much about it as I happen to be the Software Manager of this product.

disclaimer: This is a personal blog. The opinions expressed here represent my own and not those of my employer. (I am working for a WiMAX equipment vendor).


About to attend WiMAX World USA. The event takes place in Chicago, Sept. 25-27th. I guess I will be busy during the day, but hopefully, I will be able to blog and explain why I am there. (Can’t do it right now).

disclaimer: This is a personal blog. The opinions expressed here represent my own and not those of my employer. (I am working for a WiMAX equipment vendor).

Dopplr SNS

Just signed up to Dopplr.
Still not sure how it will evolve. Currently it offers a very nice interface to share trips with fellow travelers, search for travelers from the “home city”, and more.

Gen Kanai  is inviting per requests. I can do the same 😉

WiMAX heating up in Japan

A few months ago, the Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication announced that the 2.5GHz bid will not be granted to one of the top 3G operators (KDDI, DoCoMo, Softbank).

In a recent press release which was covered in all news sites: Forbes, Japan Times, Asahi and many other, DoCoMo has formed an alliance with Acca to bid for the License. Acca is a DSL provider that for some time now examines going into the WiMAX business as an evolution from the fixed to wireless. Acca’s WiMAX page is here. Acca’s WiMAX blog was here. (Closed recently).

The other big competitors are not lagging behind and already formed similar alliances:
1) KDDI with Kyocera (Willcom)
2) Softbank with eAccess

Applications for the bid start Sept. 10th, and ends Oct. 12th. It will be interesting to see who wins the license, and what the other companies will do as a response. Looks like everyone is interested in deploying WiMAX.

disclaimer: This is a personal blog. The opinions expressed here represent my own and not those of my employer. (I am working for a WiMAX equipment vendor). 


My wife made o’bentou for our child.

On the menu: Fried Zucchini, Boiled carrot, Meat potato patty, Lichi.

Doesn’t it look gorgeous?



SMAPxSMAP 2007.08.20

If you know SMAP, there is no need for an introduction. If you do not, why bother?
This week’s SMAPxSMAP:
1) Kusanagi’s Batsu Game
2) Bistro guest Sato Eriko (佐藤江梨子) – images
3) Song (awful one)

Let’s start with the bistro. Wasn’t that interesting, Sato Eriko certainly looks nice, and talks nicely, and sooo boring.
She asked to eat whole rice and Cheese desert, and explained the many ways of keeping a beautiful face and body.

I just found a video on you tube showing Eriko as Cutie Honey. Is there really a reason for her to run around wearing her underwear?
Eriko Sato:

Shingo as Cutie Honey, as part of the Oishii usual Shingo impersonation.

Winners  were Kimura and Katori:
And to the more interesting part: Kusanagi’s Batsu game. During the last SMAPxSMAP love awards, Kusanagi Tsuyoshi lost, and was subjected to a game selected by Goro.

Kusanagi had to dress up like one of Goro’s characters, and go shopping on Omote Sando Hills.
Kusanagai Tsuyoshi feeling embarrassed:
Omote Sando

Buying a Necktie for himself:

Buying wine for Goro, he had to talk in Samurai Style:

Kusanagi was asked if this is a Batsu-Game, which he answered: “Chigau de gojaru”, still in Samurai style:

Buying Sexy underwear for Nakai, talking like girl:
Kusanagi buying glasses for Kimura speaking Korean. (If you don’t know Kusanagi can speak Korean fluently):
Buying Bonsai for Katori Shingo to make him relax after his recent hard work. This specific Bonsai cost about 1000 Dollars:
Kusanagi then had to sing a song to the audience which they enjoyed very much and asked for more14-singing.jpg
That’s is. I enjoyed the Batsu-game very much. Kusanagi did it wonderfully!
(And then SMAP sang a very stupid song).

London Hearts 2007.08.14

Two parts:

1) Under 30 (U-30) female participants who discussed “Which one is considered better for love?”

2) A visit to the beach, measuring waists. Aoki Sayaka (Miss angry face) was there too.

First part:

Participants this week, top to bottom, left to right:

1) あびる優 – Abiru Yu

2) マリエ -Marie – 玉木パスカルマリエ

3) 磯山さやか – Isoyama Sayaka – Gravure Idol – her blog , images .

4) ギャル曽根 – Gyaru Sone – Video link – Can eat a lot!

5) 堀越のり – Horikoshi Nori

6) 鈴木紗理奈 – – Suzuki Sarina

7) 熊田曜子 – Kumada Yoko – Gravure Idol – images

8) 安めぐみ – Yasu Megumi – Gravure Idol – Official website

9) ほしのあき – Hoshino Aki – Gravure Idol

10) 森下千里 – Morishita Chisato – Gravure Idol – images
Atsushi opened a big mouth:


Hoshino Aki was selected (draw) to explain her ranking, with the prospect of winning 1,000,000 YEN, if her ranking matches the survey’s.

Hoshino’s ranking below:

Hoshino believes Yasu Megumi is the best for a relationship/love.

Then, Atsushi went berserk:04-berserk.jpg
And Kumada was labeled as having a “liar’s face”:

Following are the survey results:


– Yasu Megumi was also selected by the survey. (I still don’t like her face).
– Top 3 are Gravure idols
– Worst is Morishita Chisato

And to the second part:
A very simple game. A couple is selected from the crowd. The guy has to guess his girlfriend’s waist size. If he is right, he gets some money. Aoki is also guessing, and supposedly she is good at that.
I have learned something very important: The average Japanese female waist is 70cm!

Measuring waists: The guys were ALWAYS wrong and guessed a lower figure. Now, if you were in this situation wouldn’t you do the same. It is better to lose money than angry your girlfriend!

What men guessed on the left, actual on the right:

London Hearts also asked for weight, which provided the same results: The guys and gals always guessed reported lower weights. Surprising, isn’t it?


Almost done, Aoki was surprised that her measurements will be taken. The result: Waist: 70cm, Weight: 54.6!

I need a Panda

Just something my wife told me yesterday and caught my ear.

I was talking about the Google analytics report for my site, and how to attract readers. My wife simply said: “You need a Panda”. My obvious response was: “What?”

Panda bear attracts visitors to Zoos in Japan. I need a “Panda”, something exotic and interesting to attract readers to my “zoo”. Do you have a recommendation?