Electric Guitar + Amp

Just bought a Yamaha RGX A2 + A Marshall Amplifier – the AVT20X.

Can’t really play, but at least I have the equipment to pretend I do.
Will try to post actual photos of my gear later this week.


FCC 700 MHz winners update

AT&T and Verizon won the 700 MHz auction. It was quite obvious it is not going to remain a secret for long.

Google is obviously not on the list, and for a long time there were discussions that Google was not really interested in the license, but played the game to make sure the FCC apply “open-access” rules to this spectrum.

For more, read Unstrung

FCC end 700 MHz Auction

As reported in Unstrung, the FCC ended the 700 MHz Auction at 19.592$ Billions. The Dollar is not what it used be, but this is still a hefty sum.

Now, the big questions are:
1) Who won?
2) Will it be used for WiMAX?

Keter (K&D Design) In Japan

While visiting Japan, we purchased a child Toilet seat. Turned out it is a Israeli product by K&D Design (Keter).

Photos below of the product and of course, placed in the Toilet. K&D in Japan K&D in Japan 2

K&D in Japan 3

Sumo – First Week

Unfortunately, or luckily, I was too busy during my visit to Japan, so I couldn’t follow the March Sumo Tournament.

But, the Sumo website is wonderful in providing real time (and streaming) information, so I am planning to follow it.

Current results:
Asashoryu is 7-0
Hakuho is 6-1
while Kotooshu is 2-5.

So, the big question is who will win? Mongolian Yokozuna Asashoryu or Mongolian Yokozuna Hakuho.
I am placing my bet on Hakuho.

Out of Whisky

Just before my trip to Japan, I have finished my Glenfiddich Whisky Bottle. I was thinking of buying a Japanese Whisky, but haven’t. (Too heavy, liquids in the suitcase, and other lame excuses).

Bottom line, no Whisky for me. Have to buy one soon.