My Local Bar

Photo from last Friday.
A Guy just took out his Guitar, Harmonica while his wife (?) played the flute.
Gotta love my Local Bar


It seems I don’t find the time to blog.

Quite active on twitter (@telyas) and facebook (, it sometimes feels redundant to maintain this blog.

But, will do my best to post at least one entry per week.

Stay tuned

Blog Focus Change

Decided to write more about my life in Japan, travel, food, friends; once in a while will continue to write about Technology, but definitely will not be the focus.

I have many things I want to write, but I don’t feel like starting another Blog (too lazy to maintain).

Docomo Android Commercial (HT-03A)

Can’t say NTT Docomo are doing a good job promoting the Android Phone, but at least they have a nice commercial.

Japanese comedian Gekidan Hitori demonstrates how easy it is to find information for a girlfriend who wants to go out to eat.

Page Download Time

Google Webmaster tools provide great statistics on page Download time.

As it seems from the following graph, download time for a page on my website was quite bad in June but then improved significantly in July.

website download time

Possible reasons:

  • Godaddy hosting improved in July.
  • I am using both Google Analytics and Woopra to track traffic, it could be that one of them has slowed my website down

Will monitor this further.

Google Wave

I am lucky enough to be included in the Google wave “Sandbox” program, which means I have two Google wave account I can play/develop with.
Assuming that there are enough Google Wave related buzz and blogs, I don’t bother reporting my experience.
Nevertheless, if you are interested in my views, show your interest by writing a comment to this post.

Back online

I have been away from the Internet for the last 3 weeks as my family and I have relocated to Japan. Some errands (as well as internet connection) took longer than expected and still consume a lot of my time.