Elon More Tours

Elon More is a settlement in the west bank, for more info you may refer to Peace Now website.

While driving yesterday to work, I have noticed a car which has the sign “Elon More Tours” on it, but it looks more like a Brinks secured car.

Do you want to take a trip in this secured car, and look out from these tiny windows?

Elon More Tours

MBA – Economy Downturn

Last week’s Economist had many MBA ads.

I was wondering why? Well, it is the “registration season” for MBA. But, I believe it is also related to the economic downturn. It is quite obvious that many people are going to lose their jobs, and what do you do when you cannot find a job? – try to stay ahead of the pack by studying and getting another degree in your Resume.

I searched for “MBA economy downturn”, and this is what I got:


Back in business

Was locked out for a while, I don’t know why, but managed to resolve it.

Will change to WordPress 2.6, but this may take a while.

Canon SD870 IS

Just bought a Canon SD870 IS camera. The camera is also called IXUS 860 IS, and in Japan IXY Digital 910IS.

Quite happy with it, though I am not too happy with the price I paid was way too expensive.
Amazon Japan sells it for 34,000 Yen (~ 310$), and we could find it for about 30,000 Yen (~270$). The price I paid in Israel is 1660 NIS (432$)!!!. Amazing, isn’t it.

And they say Japan is expensive.

Tanabata in Israel

We have invited a few Japanese friends and their children to celebrate Tanabata on our roof.

I hope everyone enjoyed it. It was a bit hot, but the children didn’t care. Maybe we should arrange a pool next time.

Photos attached (not of people, as I didn’t ask for their permission to post).

Tanabata 2

Tanabata 3