23 short Korean stories

I have found yesterday in the Korea Times’ community forum 23 short Korean stories translated to English.

All Translated, edited, adapted by Lim, Sunjae, a former English teacher.



1. A Potato – By Kim, Dongin (김동인) in 1925
2. A Korean Mariners’ Song – By Kim, Dongin, 1921
3. A Crazy Artist – By Kim, Dongin, 1930
4. His Toes Look Just Like Mine – By Kim, Dongin, 1932
5. A Woman’s Honor & a Fee – By Hyun, Jingun, 1929
6. The Sudden Rain – By Kim, Yoojung, 1935
7. The Camellia Flowers – By Kim, Yoojung, 1936
8. A Most Genuine Love Story – By Chae, Mansik, 1938
9. The Scene of A Weird Tree – By Chae, Mansik, 1939
10. A Mona Lisa Frozen to Death – By Chae, Mansik, 1925
11. The House of A Wild Apricot Tree – By Lee, Hyosuk, 1937
12. A Tragic Story of a Mountain Valley – By Lee, Hyosuk, 1941
13. A Reunion – By Kim, Eesuk, 1964
14. An Outgrowth – By Kim, Eesuk, 1964
15. Yongchil, the Fool – By Choi, Taewoong, 1939
16. Springtime – By Choi, Taewoong, 1937
17. A Hobby & a Daughter – By Hyun, Jingun, 1929
18. Old Kim Is Mad – By Choi, Taewoong, 1961
19. The Sun´s Legacy – By Yu, Juhyun, 1957
20. A Seaside Village – By O Youngsoo, 1953
21. An Horrible Story in Hidden Valley – By O Youngsoo, 1961
22. Sorry Kim – By Song, Byungsoo, 1957
23. The Black Kite Mountain Valley – By Song, Byungsoo, 1974

Nandakke Paella – 何だっけ パエリヤ

On Friday we bought 3 shrimp like, crab like creatures. They were still alive, so we couldn’t miss the opportunity of eating some fresh sea food.

Friday’s Paella is becoming a tasty custom. A short visit to Tiv Taam provides shell fish, shrimp, or whatever looks fresh and Mika cooks. Because I wasn’t sure we can cook them with the paella, we first boiled them and only then placed them on the rice (We have used the boiled water in the Paella, to preserve the juices).
Nandakke in Japanese means: “What is it?”
I couldn’t find the name of the creature we have bought. The receipt said: “Raka”, but still no information found in Google.

Hence the name: “Nandakke Paella”.






Hirame – Proverb

Hirame (ひらめ) is the Japanese name of “Olive Flounder”, a kind of Halibut/Flat fish. Hirame spends most of his time near the bottom of the sea. Flatfish share an interesting characteristic  of having both eyes on one side of the head.

Japanese businessmen use “Hirame” when they want to describe a person who only looks up to the management, and doesn’t care about his colleagues and subordinates.

Are you a “Hirame”?


Yokozuna Asashoryu suspended for playing soccer

From Mainichi :

“The Japan Sumo Association (JSA) on Wednesday suspended Yokozuna Asashoryu for two upcoming tournaments after he played in a charity soccer game in Mongolia despite having sat out a regional sumo tour in Japan after claiming to be injured”.

I guess this means Hakuho (白鵬) will win the next two tournaments.

Ingmar Bergman – The Seventh Seal

Ingmar Bergman died Yesterday.

The Seventh Seal is one of the few DVDs I own, and is probably the one I cherish most. An amazing film, from an amazing director.

Tanabata in Israel

We have invited a few Japanese friends and their children to celebrate Tanabata on our roof.

I hope everyone enjoyed it. It was a bit hot, but the children didn’t care. Maybe we should arrange a pool next time.

Photos attached (not of people, as I didn’t ask for their permission to post).

Tanabata 2

Tanabata 3

Blonde Redhead Concert

On the 5th of July, I went to see Blonde Redhead perform live in Hanger 11, Tel Aviv.

Summary: Disappointed. Completely agree with the review in Ynet (Hebrew).

The doors were opened at around 21:00. I guess i forgot what rock concerts are like in Tel Aviv, so I actually arrived at 21:10. Tickets were waiting in the counter. (200 NIS + 10 NIS commission, about 45$). Drank beer, and waited… and waited.

At about 22:00 Rockfour went on the stage, and wasted my time. I didn’t enjoy their show. I remember watching them about 5-6 years ago, and they were good. Maybe the stage/place was too big for them.

And then, I waited some more.

At 23:00 Blonde Redhead started their show… and my first impression was: “Hey, they use playback”. Guitars were live, Drums were live… but, they used playback for effects and additional instruments. WHY?

Their semi-live performance sounded exactly like their albums. I could just stay at home and listen to the CD. Could save me a lot of money and back ache. Stayed longer, enjoyed the songs from 23 and previous albums, including from “Melody of Certain Damaged Lemons”. Listened and swayed with the music when I had another revelation. They don’t speak. Kazu Makino said “Shalom” once, and one of the guys said: “Thank You”. Wow!

Left at midnight, about 1 hour before the show was over (according to Ynet).

Blonde Redhead Ticket

Countdown Japan – Salyu

One of the performers I have seen in Countdown Japan 06/07 was Salyu.

Salyu became famous when she portrayed the role of Lily Chou Chou in the very successful and acclaimed movie: “All about Lily Chou Chou” by Shunji Iwai.

She went on stage wearing a very funny and festive dress which the audience loved. When she started singing I was captivated.

She opened with a single from her new album “Terminal” to be released 2007.01.17. The song is “Tobira” and you can watch the PV on youtube: