Oedipus in Bunkamura

Went to see the play Oedipus in Shibuya Bunkamura, directed by Matthew Dunster.

The play obviously attracts a lot of attention due to the cast: Ichikawa Ebizo as Oedipus, Kuroki Hitomi as Jocasta and Moriyama Mirai as the Chorus Leader.

I loved the set and the modern adaptation. A Concrete Shelter, whoever enters needs to go through a contamination process. The guards are dressed in black modern combat gear.

Enjoyed it very much, especially the Chorus and Choreography of the Chorus. Not only talking and guiding the story, but dancing, narrating the story further. A wonderful work by the Director and the Choreographer. Led by Moriyama Mirai, the chorus seems to be assembled by actors and dancers. Some were better as dancing, but not as good in acting and some the opposite. Moriyama Mirai was obviously good at both.

First time for me to see Ichikawa Ebizo acting. As an actor, and not as a Kabuki actor, so was really disappointed in the first part, the hubris part, in which Oedipus is cocky and confident. Ebizo did a better job as the struggling, crying, aching with eyes gauged.
Kuroki Hitomi was good as well as the rest of the acting cast.

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