30 days challenge

I know it is not an original idea, but it is a good one.

Easier to achieve a 30 days challenge than just a change in behavior. A 30 days challenge can become such change if successful (and makes sense).

So, what is my first 30 days challenge?

Spend less!
I have recently started using Zaim application to monitor my weekly/monthly spendings.
I don’t monitor the entire family spending, but what I spend for Lunch, Coffee, dinner and drinks with friends.

It is very helpful, but I feel I can do better.
I don’t need to have coffee at 10:00AM, when I had one at home (and there is Coffee in the office).
I don’t need to have that 3rd drink, extra dish.

Just cut the “Extra”. Easy, right? But how do I monitor the “Savings” of this challenge. still not clear.

(challenge is not effective while in business trips and work related functions)

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