Missing a screw – MacBook Pro

For a while now (more details later), my MacBook Pro trackpad was misbehaving. Constantly shifting, clicks were not recognised.

After researching the web, I found out it is a known problem which can be easily resolved by “tuning” the trackpad screw.

So, I opened my MaBook, removed the battery and to my surprise I found out that the trackpad is floating around with screws missing.

On the left, two screws were present but not connected. On the right, both screws were missing. Found one of them inside the box, but one of them is still missing.

IMG_3770_e IMG_3771_e


How can this happen?

Not sure, but a few months ago I had to go Apple to fix my Macbook after the fan made very loud noise which resulted in Macbook not booting.

Apple replaced the chassis which made my very happy, BUT trackpad problems started shortly after.


1) What caused the Fan issue – a screw , broken plastic or similar – I was never told

2) Is it possible that Apple Service (Genius) failed to assemble my Macbook ?

I will never know.

In the meantime, I reassembled, trackpad works well. … Still missing a screw.

Where can I find one?



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