Netflix “The Sinner” – Frustration (Beware Spoilers)

While I enjoyed most of “The Sinner”, and definitely liked the atmosphere and acting, the last two chapters left me really frustrated.

Totally agree with the comments in “What Started our Strong ended All Wrong” .

While in 5 or 6 chapters we are dragged into a dark world of uncertainty. Of mystery, we are left with a simple story with huge holes in the plot.

Want to add some more frustrations:

  • When listening to the song, Cora attacks and inflict injuries in the same pattern as the murder.      Does not make sense, so why the script spent so much time around it.  She was not repeating a previous pattern, as there was no such pattern
  • Frankie’s parents –  You just can’t drop it out of the blue.  At least give us a scene of which the parents are confronted with Cora in a way that gives a hint that they know her.
  • Why was JD limping ? No reason?  – no connection to that night ?
  • Maddie disappeared , but not really as JD kept in touch with her



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