Murata Sayaka Event

Attended Murata Sakaya and Asabuki Mariko’s talk event last night.

I remember attending Etgar Keret’s event a few years back, but this was my first time to attend a Japanese writer event. Event took place at 本屋B&B, which I followed for a while and was interested to visit anyway. They run many events and have a very unique selection of books and atmosphere.

Each attendee received a sticker which was designed by Murata Sayaka, saying “Welcome to Po-Po- Festival”

For one hour the writers talked and discussed writing. From inspiration to the way they build the characters, and 30 minutes was a Q&A session. This was followed by a book signing session, which I decided not to attend.

Overall an interesting experience, but I am not sure if I will attend again. I enjoy reading the books, not sure I need to understand the process and background. Maybe it will change if I ever decide to write by myself.

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