The Dogeza 土下座

半沢直樹 TV series loves the DoGeZa. 

If previous series showed a vanquished enemy(?) forcing himself to do the dogeza while over-acting, this season introduced a new concept of a forced dogeza.

Story is not important, but Hanzawa was asked to do a dogeza to save the bank. He obviously refused, being the symbol of justice and not giving up to corruption.
And then we got one of the most ridiculous scenes I have seen on TV; His colleague (Superior) trying to force Hanzawa Naoki to do the Dogeza.

After 11 years in Japan , I still do not understand the importance or weight of the 土下座 (Dogeza). Someone lies, cheats but it is so difficult to do the Dogeza, to humiliate yourself in front of ours. To me and my culture there is no importance or meaning to that. I can do dogeza 100 times and still not feel humiliated or that I lost something doing it.

Or is it that a culture that uses “sorry” very often, requires something more symbolic of expressing “one is really sorry”.

I think I will do a dogeza now, just for fun

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