Thoughts about History Channel’s Alone

Watched only the first 3 seasons of History Channel’s Alone. I think binging on 3 seasons is more than enough and anyway, this is all I could get on Prime Video.

While watching I was thinking if there are any lessons I can learn from watching the series as to convince me I am not just wasting of time.

Here are the lessons I wrote to myself:

  1. Surviving alone is difficult. (Duh!). We are social creatures and we need not only the interaction but support of others.
  2. What separated the winners from others who decided to retire. I actually could not completely grasp it, but it seems a lot about will power and focusing in surviving the day. 3rd season was a bit more interesting as some players were forced to retire as not to hurt themselves. They had the will power, but not the fat reserves and luck (?) to catch food.
  3. Mistakes in the nature are costly. Falling while climbing, cutting yourself, hypothermia after falling in cold water. Some of the most talented players who built (amazing) boats and tools failed to survive due to mistakes.
    In our normal lives, this is actually less relevant. Mistakes can be costly, but much less. Medical care, support from other people (and government) can help our survival. We should worry less about mistakes nowadays.
  4. Scarcity of food these days. Not only the players were limited what resources they can consume, but there were also limited due to pollution and extinction of species.
  5. All Players went back really appreciating their lives, families and understanding they can survive whatever may happen to them. They can work in jobs they do not enjoy, but at the end of the day they go back home to their families and dinner. It sometimes important to disconnect from day to day lives to re-discover it.


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