Missing a screw – MacBook Pro

For a while now (more details later), my MacBook Pro trackpad was misbehaving. Constantly shifting, clicks were not recognised.

After researching the web, I found out it is a known problem which can be easily resolved by “tuning” the trackpad screw.

So, I opened my MaBook, removed the battery and to my surprise I found out that the trackpad is floating around with screws missing.

On the left, two screws were present but not connected. On the right, both screws were missing. Found one of them inside the box, but one of them is still missing.

IMG_3770_e IMG_3771_e


How can this happen?

Not sure, but a few months ago I had to go Apple to fix my Macbook after the fan made very loud noise which resulted in Macbook not booting.

Apple replaced the chassis which made my very happy, BUT trackpad problems started shortly after.


1) What caused the Fan issue – a screw , broken plastic or similar – I was never told

2) Is it possible that Apple Service (Genius) failed to assemble my Macbook ?

I will never know.

In the meantime, I reassembled, trackpad works well. … Still missing a screw.

Where can I find one?



Facebook Kansai Dialect

Facebook surprised me this morning with the following announcement.

Does this mean I can customise my Facebook to use Kansai Dialect?

Facebook Kansai Dialect


Not really interested in that, but may be funny for a day or so

Breaking Bad – WWII style

While reading The Narrow Road to the Deep North by Richard Flanagan  I was surprised to read references to Shabu and Philopin (Hiropin), which I obviously did not understand.

A quick search found a slightly comical, blog post  which helped me understand :

  1. Chrystal Meth was first synthesised in Japan
  2. It was widely used by the Japanese Army during the second World War , including by Kamikaze pilots.
  3. Surplus of production during WWII was sold to the public immediately after the war – WOW

I have so many ideas now for a “Breaking Bad” episode…


Japan Economy – an interesting analysis

Nikkei has an interesting interview on Japan economy with Bill Emmott, former Economist editor.


My take: reform of the Labor Market :


I think the big thing that needs to be done is to have a single labor law that applies to everyone, so to reduce the amount of protection for regular workers to make it easier to fire people, but then have the same protections for the irregular workers, so there should be one law for everyone.

ALS Ice Bucket challenge

There is something bothering about the ALS ice bucket challenge.

ALS is a horrible disease which deserves attention and funding, BUT.

1. Around 5600 Americans are diagnosed with ALS each year 

2. ALS is most common among persons over 60

3. It is a terminal illness. We can improve the patients lives (and extend it), but the end is inevitable


ALS should get funding, research. We should care for the patients.

I am concerned about the Internet Meme. The discussion about ALS when we have so many bigger problems. Obesity, Ignorance, Racism, AIDS, Cancer that affect the lives of more people.

ALS will be discussed and forgotten. We will stay ignorant and ill

“My Man” /私の男 The book

As expected, the book was better than the film.

Winner of 2008 Naoki Prize, it has some faults, but definitely more depth than the movie.

The movie and the book differ in the flow of time. While the movie flows from Hana losing her parents and ends with her fiance meeting her father, the book goes back in time.

From the wedding ceremony, back in time to her first date , two murders and eventually Hana as a 9 years old, losing her parents and adoption by Jungo. Each part is told by a different Narrator, including Komachi san, Jungo’s “girlfriend”.

I must admit that the last part was a bit tiring, as I saw the movie and felt it didn’t add enough to the story.

Books are always better!

“My Man” /私の男

“My Man”  (Japanese: 私の男 , watashi no Otoko), won the “Golden George Prize”  for best film.

As it happens, I watched the movie last week (before the announcement 😉 ) .
The Good:

The acting,  Nikaido Fumi, Asano Tadanobu and Kawai Aoba were great. Was mostly impressed with Kawai Aoba. A relatively small part in the film, but strong impact. Nikaido Fumi played her part very well, childish in parts, seductive in others.

The Not So Good:

Left the cinema feeling disappointed, last part of the film ended too fast and not clear. While spending a lot of time in Hokkaido, The Nature and murder (?) in the snow, Tokyo life were quite short.  Could be that the movie follows the book, but it did not feel right.


My take:

1. Going to read the book
2. Although I found Kawai Aoba to be very interesting as an actress , her blog is quite boring