Brompton Cycling in Kamakura

Last week I took a day off to Cycle in Kamakura.
Started a bit late, so arrived there around 11:30AM.

Tourist information center did not have much recommendation as mentioned most cycling will be done in the main (“bus”) roads, and if the weather was warmer they could recommend cycling to Enoshima.
Never the less, received several recommendation and searched for more on the web.

Indeed, Kamakura is rather small and not challenging, but the atmosphere on a weekday and the good weather were wonderful.

A recommended cycling course next to a cycling rental shop:
most rides are 5-10 minutes

When in Kamakura, have to visit the Great Buddha, take photos and watch the visitors take photos:

Kamakaura 大仏


Kamakaura 大仏




Posing for the Camera

Kamakaura 大仏


But obviously, most important is food.

Garden House was a wonderful choice, with good food, atmosphere and welcoming staff:


Brompton in front of the restaurant. I think some visitors took a photo of it as well.


Cycled some more and ended my short trip in Verve Coffee.




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