Skin in the Game Part 2

Continue to reading “Skin in the Game”. As previously wrote , it continues to read like a Blog entry, or rather a collection of Blog Entries.

But nevertheless, I still enjoy reading Nicholas Taleb.
Now reading a Chapter about companies and employment. Why companies choose to have employees over contractors and the “Skin in the Game” for the employees as well as employer.

Example was given about the “Expat” status, which Taleb claims resembles Slavery. Relocating a person to a foreign country and giving a very good package/standard of living for the employee to complete a task which he is unlikely to abandon.

Love this way of thinking.

Overall employment in modern companies is one-sided, where employees get a false sense of security.
Some social countries and regulations enforce more “Skin in the Game” for companies, but there is no equality in the pain of separation and balance of power.


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