Simple Solution – Coffee Grinder and a Marker

I feel both delighted and ashamed about this blog post.
Such a simple solution, such an improvement of the product.
But how come it took me so long to implement?

I have been using Zassenhaus Coffee Grinder and was always a bit frustrated that the Grinder settings drift and I sometimes get the right grain sizes, sometimes I don’t. Yet I continued to use the product as it is, thinking that the maker should have designed the product better.

This week I finally decided to improve the product by myself, not blaming the maker design. Found the right settings of the coffee grinder for a pour over, used a marker to mark the location and VoilĂ  , the coffee grinder is so much better now. I have a visual indication that the grinder drifted and can re-set it for the next grind. Perfect.

On another note, made me think why Zassenhaus did not add this mark by themselves. It is because they felt it is not needed, that the grinder will not drift, or is it for esthetic reasons, keep the design clean. Not sure why, but I strongly recommend everyone to do that (also to Zassenhaus)

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