Garmin Vivosport broken belt

A Known Vivosport issue?  

Two years with the Vivosport and the belt is torn/broken. There is no way for me to fix or replace it, as there is no accessory available to buy.

Encouraged by a Japanese blog post claiming the product was replaced free of charge, I started the process.

First step: Garmin support Website reporting the issue, torn belt
Result: Email asking me to access support website and provide more information.

Second step: Support website access, provided Serial number (second time), where it was purchased (Amazon) and if I have warranty (no)
Result: Email asking me to ship the product to Garmin service center.
Explaining the service charge I am expected to pay – About USD$100
Asking me again to provide receipts, warranty and that if they do not exist, I may be charged

So, now I have to decide. Do I risk spending my time and money sending the package and hope for a replacement and then be charged for the service, or I just throw the device (in the nearest designated electronic device service day)

Photos of the torn belt:

Torn Vivosport Belt
Torn Vivosport Belt

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