Getting closer to international business travel

Takara Bio announced they developed a method to perform 5000 PCR tests in less than 2 hours.

Now this will not completely open international travel, but I expect it to improve and I guess we will eventually see a PCR test area before check-in to a flight.

1. PCR test before check-in
2. Only Negative (obviously) results will be allowed to check-in
3. Another PCR test after arrival and before immigration? Or will they have a treaty which they will accept tests from another country?

It kind or reminds me security tests before boarding a flight, and in some cases, airlines, destinations more thorough tests and rules.

This will make travel slower, as need to spend at least 4-5 hours longer per flight, but will make travel possible.

Can’t wait to see it implemented, or maybe the vaccine will be available earlier.

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