Uniqlo Airism Mask

Today, June 19th, Uniqlo started selling the Airism Mask, a washable mask, that is supposed to be lighter and (hopefully) more convenient for the hot summer.

Not surprising, this resulted in long lines in all Uniqlo shops and overload on Uniqlo web store.

As I was driving by Uniqlo store around 12:00PM a big sign said “Sold Out”, but still there was a long line in front of the store. Only one hour after the store was open, it was already sold out.
Another thought, if it was sold out why so many people still waited in line? I do not get it.

Uniqlo also published on their website an apology and that they will work to produce more masks . The apology was published 13:30, which again shows the demand for this mask.

I am actually looking forward to try it, as my experience in the past few with standard masks was not good. It gets really sweaty and hot when it is 30 degrees. can’t imaging what it will be like in 35 degrees.

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