Shipment from the US or “why does it take so long”

I ordered a product from dbrand and selected the standard shipment method via DHL, expecting it to arrive in Japan within approximately 10 days.

Having been accustomed to Japanese delivery companies, where most deliveries arrive the next day accompanied by frequent location updates, the contrast was quite noticeable. As an illustration, I ordered a few days ago a Vinyl record from Kyoto, and it was delivered the very next morning, with a series of four location updates provided until the moment of delivery.

In contrast, DHL’s updates left much to be desired. There were significant time lags between updates, and the reasons behind these delays were far from clear. For instance, the package reached Melrose Park, IL on August 5th; however, it took a full week (!) until an update was registered, simply stating “In Transit to Destination Country.” As of August 16th (Japan time), the package’s whereabouts remain uncertain. Is it still in the US, or has it already arrived in Japan?

Another reminder of the exceptional quality of service provided by Japanese delivery companies.

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