Delivery dates

End of year sales? Tablet wars?

Kindle whitepaper delivery date moved from November 2012 to January 2013! Seems like I am going to see many kindles in the train in the near future.

And the iPad Mini, how is it doing?
From Nov. 2nd delivery, it is now “Two weeks”.

At least we know that Apple supply chain is working better than Amazon

Finally!!! Amazon Kindle in Japan

Almost there…

Finally, Amazon will release Kindle for the Japanese market.
After the Nexus 7 Fiasco, Kindle Fire HD is definitely the first runner up for my new tablet.

Only two small issues/questions:

  • Can I connect my Kindle to
  • Kindle will be available in November, while Fire HD in December




I love reading. I enjoy reading.

But recently i find myself with a big problem.

Japanese – is not fluent enough to read and enjoy the book. Feels like it is a task rather than fun.

Hebrew – No access to Hebrew books

English – I read mostly popular science, classics … and I am getting bored.

I wish my Japanese will improve to the level I enjoy reading

Has been a while

i want to Blog, I want to write…
But it just doesn’t happen.
It it going to change?
I hope it will.

I love Seoul

I love Seoul.
I love that it is different from Tokyo.
I love the different sound of Language
I love the food.
But I also enjoy going back home, to Japan

My Local Bar

Photo from last Friday.
A Guy just took out his Guitar, Harmonica while his wife (?) played the flute.
Gotta love my Local Bar

Aftershocks? – Earthquakes

What is the difference between an Aftershock and an actual Earthquake?
Who cares? they feel the same.

Anyway, see below a snapshot from yahoo Japan of earthquakes we had today, April 12.

Alvarion 2010 report

Alvarion just released their 2010 report:


  • Q4 decrease – revenues and shipments
  • 2010 shipments “increase” of 0.4% – let’s call this “flat”
  • 2010 revenues down 16.3%

Management comment:

“We continue to see attractive, profitable business in the 4G RAN market, albeit on a smaller scale than we previously expected

2011 Guidance is not provided

I wish all the best to Alvarion, but they keep bleeding money while future is not promising.

WiMAX is not being deployed as it was supposed to; Can’t see Alvarion competing in the LTE market against the Giants.