Silence 沈黙

Watched Martin Scorcese’s film, which I am still thinking about.

I probably need to read the book to get a better understanding of the period and message.

Is it a movie about Japanese prosecution of Christians, a movie about Faith, God and it’s place in our life?
Is it a movie about pragmatism against fundamentalism and extremism ?

As a Jew who suffered from the hands of the Christian faith in a similar manner, I prefer to ignore the simple story.
500 years ago (or so), my family lived in Spain and had the options of converting to Christianity, flee Spain or die.
Some Jewish families decided to stay, converted while keeping the Jewish religion in hiding (Anusim).
They were also prosecuted and targeted by the inquisition, and even now there are some communities in Spain/Portugal who have traditions similar to Jewish religion.

I am afraid I have too many questions, not answers:
1) If Christianity was allowed in Japan, how would Japan be today. Wasn’t it better off keeping the Japanese culture than adopting another.
2) Were the Christian converts true believers or merged another religion into the Japanese beliefs
3) What is the place in religion in our life ; is it more important than life? – Well, for that I have an answer. Life is more important, choosing life is stronger than any belief.
4) Did the Jesuit priests continue to believe in Christianity or did they realize it is yet another religion

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