London Hearts 2007.08.07

London hearts is a TV show aired every Tuesday on Asahi TV. The Official website

The show is hosted by Tamura Atsushi and Tamura Ryo. Not Related! Atsushi is the rude guy with big teeth. Ryo is the pretty boy with dyed hair, who doesn’t talk much.

As I watch it once in a while, I have decided to write a summary to some of the episodes.

In this week’s show (7th of August, 07), the participants (all female) went shopping. The rules are simple: they shop for whatever they want, but cannot see the prices. If together, they manage to use between 950,000 Yen to 1,000,000 Yen, then they can get what they bought for free. Otherwise, they have to pay for everything from their own pocket.

Sounds like fun, but, before that: “オシャレゲート” -> the fashion gate. Through the gate this week walked:

Suzuki Ami – A singer which releases a new single on the 22/8. I wonder how they timed her new release with this appearance. The god of marketing works in mysterious ways.

In a few words – Fashionable, but not over the top. Reasonable prices.


Issa – A fashionable guy from DA-PUMP.

In a few words – who cares what guys wear? – I don’t. Oh, there were two interesting bits: 1) The guy has nail polish! Very masculine, don’t you think?


2) Wears a Rolex Daytona – cost 3,000,000Y (about 25,000$)


And back to the main event:


1) 青木さやか – Aoki Sayaka – Announcer turned TV personality. – Over exposure, she is everywhere!
2) ほしのあき – Hoshino Aki – men’s favorite, a few links for a quick reminder: Official , Google Image Search
3) 近藤春菜 – Harisen Kondo – Comedian (?)
4) 森下千里 – Morishita Chisato
5) 熊田曜子 – Kumada Yoko
6) 青田典子 – Aota Noriko
7) 夏川純 – Natsukawa Jun
8) 磯野貴理 – Isono Kiri – The “loud” one
9) 杉田かおる – Sugita Kaoru – The “older” gal.
10) 安めぐみ – Yasu Megumi – I don’t like her. Difficult to explain why. Just annoying, I guess.

1) Bic Camera in Shinjuku (Odakyu) – I have so many pleasant memories from this place. I don’t understand how come I didn’t go there during my last visit to Tokyo.
2)Tokyo Pacific in Omote sando – Love the street, the shop is not for me. Brands for women.

Before they started, the “rude” Atsushi went through their wallets. Let’s play the game, how many Louis Vuitton wallets can you spot in the following image?


I don’t want to review their shopping. I found out a few brands I have never heard of. So, let’s do it in another way, award style:

The winner of the most unusual purchase: Kumada Yoko for buying a CDJ.
The winner of “why the hell did you buy it?”: Natsukawa Jun – Refrigerator. Do you think she really needed that?
And the winner of “Come on, you are on TV, try to be more interesting”: Yasu Megumi – Electric bicycles.


They lost, as they bought for 1,014,700 Yen. Just 14,700 over. And why? because Aoki Sayaka offered to buy 10 alarm clocks priced 2200 Yen each!!! Is it her fault? probably not, as they all agreed to it, but it brought another set of yells, and Aoki’s astonished/angry face. (yawn).

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