London Hearts 2007.08.14

Two parts:

1) Under 30 (U-30) female participants who discussed “Which one is considered better for love?”

2) A visit to the beach, measuring waists. Aoki Sayaka (Miss angry face) was there too.

First part:

Participants this week, top to bottom, left to right:

1) あびる優 – Abiru Yu

2) マリエ -Marie – 玉木パスカルマリエ

3) 磯山さやか – Isoyama Sayaka – Gravure Idol – her blog , images .

4) ギャル曽根 – Gyaru Sone – Video link – Can eat a lot!

5) 堀越のり – Horikoshi Nori

6) 鈴木紗理奈 – – Suzuki Sarina

7) 熊田曜子 – Kumada Yoko – Gravure Idol – images

8) 安めぐみ – Yasu Megumi – Gravure Idol – Official website

9) ほしのあき – Hoshino Aki – Gravure Idol

10) 森下千里 Morishita Chisato – Gravure Idol – images
Atsushi opened a big mouth:


Hoshino Aki was selected (draw) to explain her ranking, with the prospect of winning 1,000,000 YEN, if her ranking matches the survey’s.

Hoshino’s ranking below:

Hoshino believes Yasu Megumi is the best for a relationship/love.

Then, Atsushi went berserk:04-berserk.jpg
And Kumada was labeled as having a “liar’s face”:

Following are the survey results:


– Yasu Megumi was also selected by the survey. (I still don’t like her face).
– Top 3 are Gravure idols
– Worst is Morishita Chisato

And to the second part:
A very simple game. A couple is selected from the crowd. The guy has to guess his girlfriend’s waist size. If he is right, he gets some money. Aoki is also guessing, and supposedly she is good at that.
I have learned something very important: The average Japanese female waist is 70cm!

Measuring waists: The guys were ALWAYS wrong and guessed a lower figure. Now, if you were in this situation wouldn’t you do the same. It is better to lose money than angry your girlfriend!

What men guessed on the left, actual on the right:

London Hearts also asked for weight, which provided the same results: The guys and gals always guessed reported lower weights. Surprising, isn’t it?


Almost done, Aoki was surprised that her measurements will be taken. The result: Waist: 70cm, Weight: 54.6!

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