SMAPxSMAP 2007.08.20

If you know SMAP, there is no need for an introduction. If you do not, why bother?
This week’s SMAPxSMAP:
1) Kusanagi’s Batsu Game
2) Bistro guest Sato Eriko (佐藤江梨子) – images
3) Song (awful one)

Let’s start with the bistro. Wasn’t that interesting, Sato Eriko certainly looks nice, and talks nicely, and sooo boring.
She asked to eat whole rice and Cheese desert, and explained the many ways of keeping a beautiful face and body.

I just found a video on you tube showing Eriko as Cutie Honey. Is there really a reason for her to run around wearing her underwear?
Eriko Sato:

Shingo as Cutie Honey, as part of the Oishii usual Shingo impersonation.

Winners  were Kimura and Katori:
And to the more interesting part: Kusanagi’s Batsu game. During the last SMAPxSMAP love awards, Kusanagi Tsuyoshi lost, and was subjected to a game selected by Goro.

Kusanagi had to dress up like one of Goro’s characters, and go shopping on Omote Sando Hills.
Kusanagai Tsuyoshi feeling embarrassed:
Omote Sando

Buying a Necktie for himself:

Buying wine for Goro, he had to talk in Samurai Style:

Kusanagi was asked if this is a Batsu-Game, which he answered: “Chigau de gojaru”, still in Samurai style:

Buying Sexy underwear for Nakai, talking like girl:
Kusanagi buying glasses for Kimura speaking Korean. (If you don’t know Kusanagi can speak Korean fluently):
Buying Bonsai for Katori Shingo to make him relax after his recent hard work. This specific Bonsai cost about 1000 Dollars:
Kusanagi then had to sing a song to the audience which they enjoyed very much and asked for more14-singing.jpg
That’s is. I enjoyed the Batsu-game very much. Kusanagi did it wonderfully!
(And then SMAP sang a very stupid song).

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